My name is James and I’m a Level 3 Personal Trainer. Whatever your aims and whatever your ability, I believe that with the right diet and exercise you can achieve anything – and I will encourage you to do so.

Achieving that summer body, losing fat, getting fit and healthy, and countless other goals can’t just be achieved within the gym – it’s a lifestyle. I will help you create that lifestyle so you make progress when you’re at the gym, but also at work or home. I’m hardworking, energetic and honest with you being my priority. Although young and new to Personal Training, I have the right knowledge, drive, passion, and mindset to enable you to achieve!

I was always involved in sport and fitness from a very young age, fuelled by aspirations back then to join the military, but my first serious interest in sport came when I discovered running. I ran mid-distance and cross country races at district, county, and national levels in various competitions across the whole of the UK. Since then I gained a massive interest in bodybuilding and the idea of a plant-based diet. I went plant-based over a year ago and started bodybuilding whilst on a plant-based diet.

I am here for everyone, catch me on the gym floor or drop me an email/text if you have any questions about fitness and the gym – I’ll be happy to help!

Instagram @jamesfutcherpt