About me, James.

Hi, I’m James. A fifteen year old guy from Kent in the UK. I’m a competitive mid-distance runner, a youth American Football player, and a musician. I am currently taking my GCSEs  and when I am older I want to be a commando officer with the Royal Marines. I follow a ‘Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet’ (basically I am vegan, but we don’t call it that – stick around and you will find out why!) and am a bit of a health and fitness enthusiast.

This blog.

I decided to write this blog for a variety of reasons. Firstly, to share some things about my lifestyle (that you may or may not want to adopt) that I think could help others in a variety of ways. Secondly, I want to learn more myself about health, lifestyle choices, studying tips etc. and through sharing stuff with you it forces me to read more into stuff and gain a better understanding. Finally, I want to document my life a bit so I can look back on it when I hit 80 and think about the good things I did and how I helped (hopefully) other people – because if reading this at 80 I probably will be sitting on the sofa looking out the window and gathering dust whilst the world is flashing by outside my window……. ok, that was a bit poetic but you get the picture.

So, stick around a bit – subscribe, comment, and I hope I can share some stuff with you that will help!

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Me in pictures.