(concert, competition, printing lyrics, etc)

When you are performing James Futcher’s concert works, you need to contact your local performance right organization (PRO) to pay the performing royalty. You could pay the performing royalty directly to James Futcher. If you are not sure whether you are required to pay the performing royality or not, please contact your local PRO.

James Futcher

 (PRS For Music Member Number: 800838650)

For Competition, if you obtain Licensed PDF, You don’t have to obtain addtional license for judication or use by adjudicators in competitions and festivals. Download and print this document, and submit with the licensed score to the event organizer.

 You or the competition organizer might have to pay the performing loyalty according to your country’s copyright law and the standard in your country. You could directly pay me if you wish.


Please do not make unauthorized copy of James Futcher’s music.